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About us 

Cheshire Print Fair is an event run by artists to celebrate artists and build community. 

As far as we saw it Cheshire doesn’t have it’s own fair but it does have loads of creative sorts without an outlet. That’s where we jumped in, our fair brings printers, illustrators, designers, makers, storytellers together to showcase their work to customers who come to visit Chester.


The Fair

Our event will be the perfect opportunity for the public to get to speak to the artists they’re buying from, to see the person behind the print, to get back to normal. Asking about and talking about printing and making is what makes these events special, the human touch after so long without it.

With such a range of styles showcased among the stalls you can explore a wild selection of things to buy, expect to see beautiful work including screen and risograph prints, linocuts, etchings, woodcuts, hand printed textiles, cyanotypes, children’s stories, zines and comics, decorations, greetings cards, homewares.  Loads of lovely things for your house, gallery wall or to gift on to your nearest and dearest.

The Team

Cheshire Print Fair was started by us  – Alison and Vince Patterson, both big fans of the print scene and community of printmakers in the north. We saw a geographic gap and decided to start one of our own in Cheshire.

This is very much a DIY work in progress kind of event – everything from socials to websites to marketing and graphics is being created on the go by our team of two.

It’s an exciting journey to be on and we’d love you to come with us on it. If you want to get involved, be a seller, be a customer, be a cheerleader or hype us up – do it.  Just get in touch. 

For us this is a labour of love, and we’re always really grateful to everyone who helps us along the way.