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Seller Information Page

Safety Measures

Please DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.

We are following the Cathedral policies for health and safety including Covid as of the time of sending there is no requirement for masks etc. – we make no judgment on the wishes of individuals to wear masks etc it’s a personal call. We suggest you have hand sanitiser to offer for shoppers please (there will of course also be hand sanitising points in-venue).


The event will open to the public between 09:30 am—4:00pm and we will send you a detailed rundown of the setup information including health and safety guidance on the Monday before the event. As far as we’ve been informed the cathedral has drive-up access before and after, but the roads are closed during the day. We will not have the option to drop off the night before.

Tables will be available to set up from 8am and trading must not cease before 15:45 PM unless instructed. – last time it stayed busy past four so we carried on a bit longer.


You are encouraged to have a card reader (using 5G as the public access Wi-Fi will not be reliable after a peak number of users are using it) you can also handle cash if you choose to and we advise you to use a money belt rather than a cash tin for security.

Stalls must be set up within the allocated parameters [table-top] and must not cause any obstruction to members of the public or other stallholders. It is also the responsibility of the stallholders to ensure that their stall is kept tidy and free from any trip hazards, litter etc.

Any free-standing stall furniture [e.g. stands, units, racks etc] must be adequately installed and if necessary weighted [Details of any such furniture must be approved beforehand – please email details to beforehand if you think this may be a concern.

No electricity or generators will be provided, nor can any be used during the fair. The inside of Cathedral has varied lighting which can change during the day so it is advisable to bring some battery-powered lights for your stall.

At the end of the fair, stallholders are responsible for the removal of stalls and stall furniture/displays, property and litter. 


All work must be original and by the maker/group members.

No commission will be charged on sales, you are responsible for dealing with any sales. You are also responsible for your own tax and national insurance contributions.

The Cheshire Print Fair nor the Chester Cathedral cannot be held responsible for any loss/or damage to any property or stock of those exhibiting at the fair. Stallholders must provide evidence of their own public liability insurance – a copy of should be available on request. 

You can get insurance as part of a membership to a-n The Artists Information Company (see Stallholders are liable for all claims arising from their goods and services.

Stall holders must also agree to follow and meet all health and safety requirements.

Stall fees are non-refundable (this is due to short time frame in which we have to work). Any stallholders who cancel cannot pass their stall onto a third party.

The Cheshire Print Fair reserves the right to request the removal or any content or stall, stall furniture that can deemed offensive, inappropriate or dangerous.